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I am asking anyone and everyone here that loves their pet like it is your child to please, please, please pray for my little girl cat cozie!she has been to the vet several times in the last few weeks. She has been throwing up alot recently and the vet thought that it was renal failure. She stayed two nights at the vets and they got her numbers lowered which is a good thing. The vet said she has never seen numbers go down that fast. But she still is vomitting and will not eat nor drink much. Dr was so perplexed she performed tests to find out the cause and did not charge me for it. She has lost so much weight and is usually such a spunky little thing! this cat showed up at my doorstep 5 and a half years ago when she was about 5 mos old. God knew i needed her! i was in a horrible relationship and she made my life worth living for those last two years before i finally left the abusive pig! now i want to give back to her some of the joy she gave me in those horrible times, so please pray for my cozie!.
Posted by Sue on 22 November 2008 . Send  [Candle]   [Flower]   [Kiss]   [Message]  
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