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Please pray for the safe return of our lost orange tabby cat, cinnamon. Ask that god watch over him, keep him safe, and keep guide him back home to us, where we are waiting for him. He is one of god's most precious creatures, a true gift from god. I ask in god's most holy name for cinnamon's return.
Posted by Amy Cox on 16 June 2011 . Send  [Candle]   [Flower]   [Kiss]   [Message]  
Please pray for my precious Penelope, my 3 pound Yorkie soulmate. She is recovering from a head injury, but still cannot walk. Her 5th b-day is Monday, and we want to continue on with the celebration of her life. God has blessed my family with the ability to help animals and their human families when in need, and now we are asking for help for our own family member. While under the care of my veterinarian husband, we feel the need to ask for help from a higher being than what we can provide. Please pray for Penelope and restore her to full health. God bless you Penelope.
Posted by Amy on 21 June 2008 . Send  [Candle]   [Flower]   [Kiss]   [Message]  
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