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Please pray for my own beloved fufu kitty who left this world two weeks ago today from a coyote attack. I hope beyond words she made it into the arms of my beloved daddy who left this earth october 28th. He will keep her safe until i join them.
Posted by Laura on 4 May 2009 . Send  [Candle]   [Flower]   [Kiss]   [Message]  
Suzanne Litchford
Please pray for my moms dog rosie. She was a breeder dog my mom took in. Poor little thing almost died from her spay then she got breast cancer and now she has diabetes. She is a scared little dog who never had love until she came to my parents. She so deserves more years of love if she can have it without having to suffer so pray the breeders stop doing this to the dogs too.
Posted by Laura on 4 May 2009 . Send  [Candle]   [Flower]   [Kiss]   [Message]  
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