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Please pray for my lab celeste. She is going for her 1 year recheck after having radiation last summer. Please pray her tumor has shrunk and not grown. Thank you and god bless you!.
Posted by Jackie on 16 August 2010 . Send  [Candle]   [Flower]   [Kiss]   [Message]  
I need prayer for 2 pets. One is my dog celeste who is a beautiful blessing in my life. She has thyroid cancer but she went through radiation last year and the tumor shrunk. She got sick during the weekend and her 1 year appointment is cooming up so i am sort of panicking. Please pray for her tumor not to grow and that her little sick spell this weekend was nothing seriouis. The second pet has diabetes and i give her shots twice a day. She is having a behavioral issue - pee peeing on the carpet or on a little pad. I would greatly appreciate prayers to get her to stop this behavior (the vet is positive it is behavioral). Thank you!.
Posted by Jackie on 26 July 2010 . Send  [Candle]   [Flower]   [Kiss]   [Message]  
I wanted to post an update/prayer request. I apologize for not getting this back on sooner or updating sooner, but i have been very sick myself. Celeste is currently in her third week of radiation and her last session should be next thursday. So far she is handling it well. I get reports daily that she is doing great. (we only have her on weekends since where she goes for treatment is somewhat far from where we live so they offer a program that allows her to stay during the week and be monitored. ) she was kinda fiesty this weekend and is still eating well. I on the other hand just pray it is sisucessful. I recently found out that it will be 4-6 months before we know if it is successful. I therefore would like to request continued prayer that treatment will be successful and her tumor will indeed shrink or there be a miracle and the tumor go away altogether. Please pray for my celestial grace, and her to be well so we may enjoy many more years with her. She has enriched our lives so much, we are so lucky, and i pray with all my heart that she will be with us and be healthy again. She is only 7 - please pray she has many more years ahead of her. I appreciate all prayers. . . Thank you!.
Posted by Jackie on 11 August 2009 . Send  [Candle]   [Flower]   [Kiss]   [Message]  
Part of our prayers have been answered - celeste is allowed to undergo radiation treatments for the thyroid tumor. She started today. The round is 18 treatments and is our only chance so i ask for agreement in praying this round of treatment will be totally successful for celeste and so we may enjoy more years with her. Thank you!.
Posted by Jackie on 29 July 2009 . Send  [Candle]   [Flower]   [Kiss]   [Message]  
Joan Bogorae
I am sorry i haven’t been on to update lately – it has been a rough road with celeste (my yellow lab and the one i am requesting prayer about) and i have had bronchitis and am relapsing on my mono. The fact that i am crying and feel devastated and scared still. Last thursday, we got the results of celeste’s biopsy. Oddly enough, the cancer isn’t in the trachea after all – it is thyroid carcinoma but wrapped around a lot of the trachea cartilage which is why it is not able to be removed. It is malignant. Her only treatment option is radiation but that is only possible if the tumor is not protruding too far into her airway. So tomorrow (tuesday) she is going in for a ct scan and then the doctor is going to measure it to make the determination if radiation is possible or not. If radiation is possible then there is a good chance (since she is healthy other than this cancer thing) that this could give us a few more years with her and her quality of life would be fine. But if radiation is not possible, then the doctor said we would have only 2-4 months. Obviously i am praying we can do radiation treatments (especially since they said it would be only 2-4 weeks so not a real long time undergoing the treatment. ) please pray in agreement with me that celeste’s ct scan will show that she can in fact undergo radiation treatment so we can have a few more years with my baby. She is only 7 years old. She has been a major influence on my life and i can’t imagine only having 2-4 months – my heart breaks at the thought. It is broken at the fact she has to go through this, at not knowing, the whole thing. I love her so dearly. On top of that, she has become close to my parents and a real help to all 3 of us since all three of us have health problems. She will go visit them at their house and seems to know just what to do. She is not like any other pet i have had (don’t get me wrong i love my cats, they too are a major comfort in my life. ) i can’t lose her now…i truly do need her in my life. I beg you all for prayer that 1) her ct scan shows that radiation is possible and 2) that the radiation will be successful enough to give us a few more years. My dad said he doesn’t have really any hope left but that is all i have…it scares me because i don’t want my hopes up and them come crashing down and me balling my eyes out but i have to have that hope to make it through tomorrow. I am praying for a miracle that i don’t lose her. Please pray in agreement with this. That god can touch and heal her, let her have treatment so that she can have a longer, healthier life – a happy life. Please, i am begging you.
Posted by Jackie on 20 July 2009 . Send  [Candle]   [Flower]   [Kiss]   [Message]  
Hello, last week i sent prayer requests for my dog celeste (yellow lab) and the discover that she had thyroid cancer and they were going in to try to remove it. The day we went in for surgery we found out things were much worse and the tumor had to come out easily with no little “fingers” dug in anywhere else, also they had to ensure it had not spread. I begged for a miracle that my dog would beat the thyroid cancer and be just fine and had many people pray in agreement with me. On friday night, we received news that in fact, we need a much larger miracle and that miracle is necessary for her to live more than a couple of months. The tumor turned out to be in her windpipe. Breathing will become difficult, she will begin choking and we will have no choices. We are currently awaiting the pathology report that will tell us amount of time left, and if anything can be done to shrink the tumor. It can’t be removed surgically. My celeste is 7 years old – i feel like she should have many more days and years left in life – i wanted her to be a part of the family i have not yet found (including mr. Right), she understands my being sick and has always been there for me. I am proud of her, so very proud and i love her with all my heart. I can’t lose this dog. I love her more than anything, she has always been my baby girl. Friday night i had a mental break when i got the news. I was sobbing, i sat on her bed holding one of her animals asking my mom over and over why i had to lose her. My mom and dad are devastated as well. She is home for now…her surgery not a success. My heart is broken and i feel shattered. She just means the world and i have no clue how to deal with losing her at a young age, let alone by this disease. It kills me to see my parents and how this is affecting them (they live about a mile from me and usually got to see her practically every day. ) please, i need a miracle…one way bigger than the one i asked for last week. I need her to be okay. I need to truly have a miracle so i cannot lose my baby girl. I can’t stress how vital this is. Thank you for your prayers.
Posted by Jackie on 7 July 2009 . Send  [Candle]   [Flower]   [Kiss]   [Message]  
Sue Tanida
The consultation on celeste did not go as i hoped. I am so terrified and devestated. One hope that did come true is she will be operated on tomorrow, so please pray for her to get through it okay. But what is scary is the prognosis and i was not prepared for it. I had been under the impression if they got all of the tumor out, then she would be cancer free. . . Not the case. I guess by the time a tumor is noticeable it has usually already entered the blood stream. Also, depending on the type of tumor, i may only have months with my baby vs. Years. The thought has broken my heart. . . I feel shattered by all of this. Truly shattered. I can barely look at her toys and had to shut the door to her room. What i am so confused about is 2 months ago she had surgery for a fatty tissue removal on her leg - it was routine surgery. The vet even told me at that time she had a tube down her throat during surgery. This tumor was not noticeable. . . Even when she got her stiches out, the vet looked her over really well and nothing. But "90% of thyroid tumors in dogs are malignant and diagnosis is often too late for a cure. " (i found some literature on this. ) on top of this is how the surgery goes. If the tumor "peels" out perfectly clean, then there are better odds to have her with me for a few more years. If it has nodels or what she called "fingers" then she won't be able to remove it all, and then it isn't going to be good at all. The surgery is tomorrow (friday) but the pathology report won't be back for a week. I want to pray for a miracle - that it will come out nice and clean with no trace left behind, and then the pathologist feel no follow up chemo or radiation or treatment like that is necessary - that she really will be cancer free. . . That i will have many more years wiyh her. She is only 7. . . I named her celestial grace because it meant heavenly grace of god. I had just went through a terrible breakup and i decided that as much as i love my two cats (they are loved just as much), i was ready for another fur baby and sure enough, she has become my baby girl. The last 7 years have been a roller coaster with me facing unemployment issues and having major health issues myself. Through it all, her and my cats have been that comfort, reminder of god's unconditional love because they love me unconditionally. They are major blessings in my life. And the thought of losing her. . . Especially now. . . It is unbearable to me. I know with god all things are possible. . . So i have to pray for that miracle - that the tumor was caught way early (especially earlier that we thought), that is comes out completly with no trace left behind, and the pathologist confirms that they indeed it is gone both from her thyroid, and that there is no cancer in the body. That truly a miracle takes place that can suprise us and amaze us all. I feel selfish asking you to pray for these things, as i know all of you have things going on. But celeste deserves a long life, and i want her to have a long, healthy, happy life with me. Thank you for your prayers in advance - jackie.
Posted by Jackie on 3 July 2009 . Send  [Candle]   [Flower]   [Kiss]   [Message]  
As i read the other posts, i feel myself truly relating and that is why i am posting today to ask for prayer. My 7 year old lab, celeste, was just diagnosed with a cancerous thyroid tumor. This has been devestating to me and my family. It came on suddenly as she had just had surgery in may and her vet gave her a thorough examination the day her stiches came out. So suppossedly it has been caught early. On thursday she will be going to a surgical consultation. Suppossedly, this surgery is normally successful in removing the tumor and then the animal is fine -- no more cancer. He said sometimes they have to also remove the lymph nodes but again, if it is done cleanly and successfully -- no more cancer. If it cannot be removed cleanly she'd have to go under chemo and that would lower her lifespan. I have 2 cats and celeste - they are my children. I love them with every inch of me and i can't imagine losing celeste right now - it terrifies me, just is totally devestating. She is only 7 - she should have a long, healthy happy life ahead of her. Therefore i ask for your prayer. When she had her leg done, she was taken the day after the consult as this vet holds open spots for those animals she consults the day before. We are praying it goes that way again - consult thursday and surgery friday. 1) just to end our fears as she can pick up on that and we don't want that and 2) her regular vet said it would be best to have it done as soon as possible. Please pray that she can have the surgery friday, and for god to guide the vet's hands so that they are able to fully remove the cancer. I also ask for prayer in that it hasn't spread anywhere else. Pray for her to be okay - cancer free. Thank you all, and of course i will update once i have any new news.
Posted by Jackie on 30 June 2009 . Send  [Candle]   [Flower]   [Kiss]   [Message]  
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