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In advance, thank you for helping bring light to a dark and possibly tragic situation involving six at-risk soulful, vital dogs (a 11 year old beautiful germanshepherd, a seven year old handsome huskie, a six year good-as-gold springer spaniel/saint bernard mix, an extraordinarily loving blue-eyed stafforshire bull terrier (pit bull mix)) and three at-risk cats. The dogs were rescued by an animal control officer and his wife who kept them home and did not abandon them. The dogs' situation was less than ideal but far better than the circumstances they likely would have faced. The aco and his wife are in their eighties. The aco is dying of cancer and presently near death, not having eaten in days. I with others have been trying to help four of the dogs find fitting and wonderful homes. (the two little dogs will stay with the aco's wife. ) despite the abuse the animals experienced and the neglect and the frenzy (one of the beautiful dogs has been returned from five homes, due to circumstances not caused by him--he's such a gentle soul and so bewildered now). Prayers please for the aco and his wife, as well. May the blessings they receive open their hearts and wash away shadows there that could endanger the possibility of any positive outcome for their dogs. Such grace is possible, i know. Again, many thanks.
Posted by Maggie on 13 November 2011 . Send  [Candle]   [Flower]   [Kiss]   [Message]  
Prayers, please, for colby, a frail mixed breed small dog who is actively dying. Colby is deaf and nearly blind. He lives with an animal control officer who has rescued dogs and taken them in for at least twenty-five years. In the home now are almost ten other dogs in various stages of age and illness, also a few cats. Now the aco also is dying and was taken today to the hospital. His wife, just turned eighty, is caring for the dogs the best she can, yet is at a loss. Colby is alone in the downstairs bathroom, except when b. Comes in to pet him or give him water or change his bedding. Tomorrow, if she will let me, i will go to the house to be with colby. The dogs sleep with the aco and b. In their bedrooms. Some of them have been doing this for well over ten years and it is their greatest comfort. So prayers for colby, yes, but also prayers for everyone in the household. Beginning today, and as of tomorrow, lives will change and i am concerned that some of the dogs will be euthanized because there is no place for them. Shelters are full. And there would be so many animals to rehome. Because most are old and ill and attached, some would say they'd be better off leaving. I'm not sure. Love is love. If homes can be found, and happiness revived, that would be wonderful. Many people care about this couple who has helped so many animals, so there is hope for help, especially with your blessings. Thank you all for what i know will be your concern.
Posted by Maggie on 14 October 2011 . Send  [Candle]   [Flower]   [Kiss]   [Message]  
Karen Wright
I'm concerned about a puppy in town. One puppy. One beautiful smart sweet boxer beagle puppy who's changing before my eyes because of his circumstances. I've been training him and i walk him when i can and i have him over to visit, but i don't know what his fate will be. His people don't want him, and therefore neglect him. I've made a video of baxter which i've send to many. This puppy could be someone's perfect dog, but now he's so increasingly frustrated and confused. I know he's one dog of millions like him, but he's in my life and my acting on his behalf feels like a blessing for all the rest. In advance, thank you for your prayers that he find the perfect home.
Posted by Maggie on 10 August 2011 . Send  [Candle]   [Flower]   [Kiss]   [Message]  
I ask prayers for sabin, a beautiful long-haired german shepherd who lives across the road from me for five months in the summer. Sabinís guardian is a young man who is kind to the dog, iím told, but too often lets him roam the streets of our peninsula village. The dog has little street savvy. Often he comes across the busy road to visit and is friendly, not aggressive, to either my dog or any dog iím caring for. He looks stress free and well kept. I ask prayers for him that he remain well and happy and that the eyes and heart of his guardian will be increasingly open to his needs. Thank you. . .
Posted by Maggie on 29 July 2011 . Send  [Candle]   [Flower]   [Kiss]   [Message]  
Prayers please for an unnamed 8 year-old black lab on deer isle me who exists alone in a small dark abandoned barn-like structure with only one window he cannot see out of. This has been his fate all day all night for years, as it had been the fate of his companions before him who, one by one, died. The dog's person, who says he loves the dog, visits the barn to give the dog food and water once a day. Despite his state of being the dog is as sweet as can be, according to our animal control officer who legally cannot take him. The lab receives no human or animal contact, except for the time his person comes to feed him and give him water. Prayers not only for the dog but for his human, so that his heart will open wide and he will release the dog to a truly loving home. Thank you. . .
Posted by Maggie on 21 July 2011 . Send  [Candle]   [Flower]   [Kiss]   [Message]  
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