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They still can't give me a 100% on whether my dog macdougal has cancer or not. They have looked at more than 6 biopsies and have about 30 more to view according to the doctor. I am still a little nervous but i really think all the praying is helping. I really believe that the the increase of tissue present in his stomach is from the ibd not cancer. He hasn't thrown up since tues or had anymore bloody stools. He is doing good with his meds and running around like he used too. His appetite is better too. Thank u for praying for my baby and please continue to. They are supposed to call me tomorrow with more results.
Posted by Sonya on 5 July 2009 . Send  [Candle]   [Flower]   [Kiss]   [Message]   [All]  
Please play for my black lab puppy, milo. He is the first pet i have ever had and i am already very connected to him. I cant stop worrying about him, at night i cant even sleep just wondering if he is ok, today he swallowed some oil and he isnt feeling good, so please pray that he will be better. He brings me so much joy and i love him very much.
Posted by Ivan on 5 July 2009 . Send  [Candle]   [Flower]   [Kiss]   [Message]  
May god hold each precious animal in his loving arms of healing, comfort, strength and protection. May angels whisper god's loving comfort to each animal, letting them know they are loved, safe and appreciated for the precious beings that they are. God bless all animals. Chaplain kathy.
Posted by Kathy Mikshenas on 4 July 2009 . Send  [Candle]   [Flower]   [Kiss]   [Message]   [All]  
The consultation on celeste did not go as i hoped. I am so terrified and devestated. One hope that did come true is she will be operated on tomorrow, so please pray for her to get through it okay. But what is scary is the prognosis and i was not prepared for it. I had been under the impression if they got all of the tumor out, then she would be cancer free. . . Not the case. I guess by the time a tumor is noticeable it has usually already entered the blood stream. Also, depending on the type of tumor, i may only have months with my baby vs. Years. The thought has broken my heart. . . I feel shattered by all of this. Truly shattered. I can barely look at her toys and had to shut the door to her room. What i am so confused about is 2 months ago she had surgery for a fatty tissue removal on her leg - it was routine surgery. The vet even told me at that time she had a tube down her throat during surgery. This tumor was not noticeable. . . Even when she got her stiches out, the vet looked her over really well and nothing. But "90% of thyroid tumors in dogs are malignant and diagnosis is often too late for a cure. " (i found some literature on this. ) on top of this is how the surgery goes. If the tumor "peels" out perfectly clean, then there are better odds to have her with me for a few more years. If it has nodels or what she called "fingers" then she won't be able to remove it all, and then it isn't going to be good at all. The surgery is tomorrow (friday) but the pathology report won't be back for a week. I want to pray for a miracle - that it will come out nice and clean with no trace left behind, and then the pathologist feel no follow up chemo or radiation or treatment like that is necessary - that she really will be cancer free. . . That i will have many more years wiyh her. She is only 7. . . I named her celestial grace because it meant heavenly grace of god. I had just went through a terrible breakup and i decided that as much as i love my two cats (they are loved just as much), i was ready for another fur baby and sure enough, she has become my baby girl. The last 7 years have been a roller coaster with me facing unemployment issues and having major health issues myself. Through it all, her and my cats have been that comfort, reminder of god's unconditional love because they love me unconditionally. They are major blessings in my life. And the thought of losing her. . . Especially now. . . It is unbearable to me. I know with god all things are possible. . . So i have to pray for that miracle - that the tumor was caught way early (especially earlier that we thought), that is comes out completly with no trace left behind, and the pathologist confirms that they indeed it is gone both from her thyroid, and that there is no cancer in the body. That truly a miracle takes place that can suprise us and amaze us all. I feel selfish asking you to pray for these things, as i know all of you have things going on. But celeste deserves a long life, and i want her to have a long, healthy, happy life with me. Thank you for your prayers in advance - jackie.
Posted by Jackie on 3 July 2009 . Send  [Candle]   [Flower]   [Kiss]   [Message]   [All]  
Please keep praying for my precious scottie named macdougal. We don't have pathology reports back yet. His gi scope revealed he has very inflammed intestines and that he does have inflammatory bowel disease. We just don't know what caused it. Please pray that it is not cancer. He will need surgery to correct this because he has an obstruction. Thank you for your prayers.
Posted by Sonya on 1 July 2009 . Send  [Candle]   [Flower]   [Kiss]   [Message]   [All]  
Ray eaton
We are still waiting for pathology reports on my precious macdougal. The upper gi scope revealed that his intestines are very inflammed and that had hypertrophied creating an obstruction. They indicated he does have inflammatory bowel disease but we need to know what caused it. The prayer is that is it not cancer. He will definitely need surgery to correct this problem. Please pray this isn't cancer. Thank you!.
Posted by Sonya on 1 July 2009 . Send  [Candle]   [Flower]   [Kiss]   [Message]   [All]  
Please pray for my dog hishashi who has been diagnoised with a brain tumor. He has lost sight in his right eye and suffers from pain in the head. The prognosis is that he will live for no more than 6 months. I believe in the power of prayer and i am requesting prayers for hishashi that the lord heal him and that his tumor shrink and disappear. I beleive god can cure him.
Posted by David Rodriguez on 1 July 2009 . Send  [Candle]   [Flower]   [Kiss]   [Message]  
I put on a preyer about cam the pitbull terrier mixs he found a home god is good!.
Posted by KATHY on 30 June 2009 . Send  [Candle]   [Flower]   [Kiss]   [Message]   [All]  
Hi all sorry i havent caght up with much post on chikda she is doing good has knee plate!we have another dog pitbull terrier mxis very loveing im preying for cam to fine a good home i would take him in hreatbeat but i have to many pets plz prey for cam he needs a male owner good with kids and cats my son has a hreat dosen,t want him put down!my e mail is twinklekat7@hotmail. Com its on my face book(pitures)god bless ty kathy.
Posted by Kathy on 30 June 2009 . Send  [Candle]   [Flower]   [Kiss]   [Message]   [All]  
As i read the other posts, i feel myself truly relating and that is why i am posting today to ask for prayer. My 7 year old lab, celeste, was just diagnosed with a cancerous thyroid tumor. This has been devestating to me and my family. It came on suddenly as she had just had surgery in may and her vet gave her a thorough examination the day her stiches came out. So suppossedly it has been caught early. On thursday she will be going to a surgical consultation. Suppossedly, this surgery is normally successful in removing the tumor and then the animal is fine -- no more cancer. He said sometimes they have to also remove the lymph nodes but again, if it is done cleanly and successfully -- no more cancer. If it cannot be removed cleanly she'd have to go under chemo and that would lower her lifespan. I have 2 cats and celeste - they are my children. I love them with every inch of me and i can't imagine losing celeste right now - it terrifies me, just is totally devestating. She is only 7 - she should have a long, healthy happy life ahead of her. Therefore i ask for your prayer. When she had her leg done, she was taken the day after the consult as this vet holds open spots for those animals she consults the day before. We are praying it goes that way again - consult thursday and surgery friday. 1) just to end our fears as she can pick up on that and we don't want that and 2) her regular vet said it would be best to have it done as soon as possible. Please pray that she can have the surgery friday, and for god to guide the vet's hands so that they are able to fully remove the cancer. I also ask for prayer in that it hasn't spread anywhere else. Pray for her to be okay - cancer free. Thank you all, and of course i will update once i have any new news.
Posted by Jackie on 30 June 2009 . Send  [Candle]   [Flower]   [Kiss]   [Message]   [All]  
Please pray for my precious scottie dog macdougal. He has been sick for a month now with vomiting and today just started having blood in his bowel movements. We have been trying to find out what is wrong. The vet school in starkville thinks it could be cancer. We go tomorrow for an upper gi scope. They will do a biopsy. I am scared to death. He is only 8 years old. I am not ready to lose him. I love him dearly. Please pray it's not cancer.
Posted by Sonya on 29 June 2009 . Send  [Candle]   [Flower]   [Kiss]   [Message]   [All]  
Please pray to help guide kitty girl back home. I watched as she left through the back door this past friday to go out for her usual late night stroll, she has not yet returned. Nearly 48 hours have passed and i try to fight off the panic with the thought of not seeing her again. Please pray that she will once again wake me up at 2;00 in the morning with her meow. She has travelled and been part of our lives for 8 years and we don't want her to leave our family circle. Pray that she will hear me call her name and find her way home.
Posted by Deo on 28 June 2009 . Send  [Candle]   [Flower]   [Kiss]   [Message]  
Please pray for our dog stoker. He can't stand up for to long. He is 12 yrs. Old. He was worse last nite. But,the good lord heard our prayers. And he's eating really good now. Just hasn't had a bowel movement in 3 days. He is just not like his self. He just lays around. Hehe needs a miracle healing in his body. . .
Posted by Teresa Cangiano on 26 June 2009 . Send  [Candle]   [Flower]   [Kiss]   [Message]  
Ray eaton
Joan Bogorae
Please pray for my beloved dog roscy. He's only a year old, and has been infected with provirus. There's no cure, only treatments for the symptoms. My vet said all we can do now is wait. But so far it has not been going well. He hasn't eaten in three days, and whenever he drinks something, he throws it up within the hour. He's severely dehydrated, shivering, and having a hard time to breath. He's weak and frail, and now he doesn't even go to his bed, he simply hides under my bed, and that means only one thing. He's ready to die. But i'm not. My hope was completely crushed when i saw a huge splotch of dark blood under my table. I don't know what else to do. . . We are a poor family, and can't afford emergency care. I walked over a mile to get the things that the doctor prescribed. I've tried everything, looking online for reference. I fasted on his behalf. But there's a limit on what a 15 year old can do. . . God put the idea of a prayer website in my head when i myself was praying. Please help us. . . I'm not ready to loose another one. . . I know god grants miracles, and we really need one right now.
Posted by Jairol Perez on 24 June 2009 . Send  [Candle]   [Flower]   [Kiss]   [Message]  
Ray eaton
I ask please that you pray for my beautiful 12 year old golden, daisy belle. She has been running a 104 degree temp. , not eating for over a week. Vets think it may be the pheochromocytoma on her adrenal gland. Very, very scared of losing her. She is everything in the world to me. Tomorrow early morning she is being admitted to a specialty hospital. Please pray she gets better. I will also keep all of you in my prayers as well. May our lord bless all the animals, especialy for those here whom we ask his favor.
Posted by DEA on 23 June 2009 . Send  [Candle]   [Flower]   [Kiss]   [Message]  
Ray eaton
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