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Please pray for my sweet baby tuxedo kitty named sammy. He is such a precious, funny, loving cat who has been through so much in his 4. 5 years of life. He was all alone in the cold until 9 months of age when a nice gentleman brought him to an animal shelter. I have been loving him ever since. He has a heart murmur that requires daily medicine, and is currently in surgery getting biopsies on his stomach and intestinal walls as the doctors are concerned he may have intestinal lymphoma. Please pray for his comfort and peace, and swift and problem-free healing from this invasive surgery. Please also pray that this is not cancerous, and that whatever this is can be treated/managed medically. I miss the sammy that greets me everyday at the door when i come home from work. I want so much for him to be able to eat his food without getting a tummy ache, or throwing up, or having trouble going to the bathroom. He can knock over whatever pictures and books he wants, i just pray for a miraculous healing. I'm praying that he knows that his mama loves him with all of her heart.
Posted by Julie on 10 March 2009 . Send  [Candle]   [Flower]   [Kiss]   [Message]  
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