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Yesterday marked one month since my cat dillon disappeared. On august 29th i asked all of you to pray for his safe return to me. Please, continue to pray for his safety and return. Please, continue to pray for the safety and return of little mister. Misters family misses him dearly. God bless and comfort each of you.
Posted by S. Renee Bey on 23 September 2009 . Send  [Candle]   [Flower]   [Kiss]   [Message]   [All]  
As i type, my heart is broken. My cat, dillon, is missing. The following is the ad i placed in the local paper on monday. "reward - missing -dillon" ; male, short-haired, cat (white, light brown, black); recenty rescued; distinct growths on the bottom of 1 front paw and 1 back paw; very thin; under veterinarian care; no diseases: vet documentation; last vet visit was 8/13; harmless; likely to travel at night because he's scared & of paw pain. This sweetheart was recently rescued. He, now, has a loving home to provide the care he deserves and shower him with abundant love. On 8/22, he was released by a young man, hired to do yard work, who (without permission) wanted to get a closer look at dillon's paws. I'll be, forever, grateful for all who assist in this search. Please, don't be afraid by his frail appearance. He's on medication to build his strength before paw surgery can take place. May be within the following vicinities: cherry st. , fairview st. , wilson st. , brank st. , college st. , paradise st. 270-xxx-xxxx. " i'm devastated. I've searched, notified the vet's office, and the humane society. I've prayed and prayed and prayed. Minutes ago, while praying for dillon's safe return, i was led (by god) to type 'pet prayer line' into the search engine. I'd never heard of a formal prayer line for pets. When i saw this site, i felt it was legitimate and sincere. From the bottom of my heart and through my tears, i ask you to pray for dillon and i to be safely reunited soon! please, pray he has safe access to safe water, safe food and safe shelter. Please, please, please pray no one has mistreated him. Please, pray no one will mistreat him. Pray he understands i've not abandoned him. Pray he knows i love and miss him dearly. Pray his mind, eyes, and sense of direction are sharp. Pray he isn't in pain. Also, please, pray for another missing cat. His name is "little mister". He was abandoned by people who moved. Little mister found a loving, happy home - where he was "king of the castle" - spoiled rotten. He disappeared late july/early august (my memory fails me, at the moment, regarding the exact date). He disappeared, immediately, following a swift moving severe storm. A storm in which the city sirens were unable to sound in time. The winds were strong enough to knock over a 300 lb. Person. Please, pray for little mister's safety. Pray he'll soon be reunited with his owner. He, too, is loved and missed dearly. I've never e-mailed any sight on any subject. I was led to this and feel this is a proper outreach. Thank you, for your understanding, compassion and prayers. I appreciate you, more than words can adequately express. Please know, all of you and yours are in my prayers.
Posted by S. Renee Bey on 29 August 2009 . Send  [Candle]   [Flower]   [Kiss]   [Message]   [All]  
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